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Dog License

License your Dog(s)!

The WCHS encourages every dog owner to purchase a dog license for each of their canines. Licenses are available online, mail-in, or at the following locations (please contact either the Wood County Dog Shelter or the Auditor’s office if you have further questions):

Wood County Dog Shelter

1912 East Gypsy Lane Rd.

Bowling Green, Ohio 43402

Wood County Auditor

One Courthouse Square (Second Floor)

Bowling Green, OH 43402

There are many compelling reasons to register your dog with the county through a dog license, here are a few:

1. It’s the law!
2. If your dog gets lost, a license on your dog’s collar is the fastest way to reunite you and your dog.
3. The fee you pay for your dog license and license renewal allows the Wood County Dog Shelter to operate and meet the needs of Wood County Citizens.
4. Your dog license shows that you are a responsible pet owner.

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