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Services & Programs


The Wood County Humane Society accepts friendly stray cats, and owned cats and dogs by appointment only. If you have found a stray dog, please contact the Wood County Dog Shelter. If you have a wildlife concern, please contact Nature’s Nursery.


Report Cruelty

To report suspected animal cruelty, neglect, and/or abandonment, please contact our shelter at 419-352-7339, or complete a report that will be sent directly to Humane Agent. If you are calling after hours, and it is a life or death emergency involving cruelty, neglect, and/or abandonment of animal, please contact the Wood County Sheriff's Office at 419-354-9001.


Dog Training

Currently unavailable.

dog training

Low Cost Spay/Neuter 

**Due to our current shelter population and surgery needs, we are unable to offer any Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return appointments. We are sorry for the inconvenience.**


Read on for additional benefits to spaying and neutering your pets.


Pet Food Assistance

We all love our pets and know what type of support they can offer us, especially when times get tough. Our food and cat litter bank is for Wood County residents only, and is large enough to help a few families each week, but unfortunately it is not large enough to help the same homes on a regular basis. We will do what we can to help you and your companions as you recover. We also offer food assistance for caregivers of free-roaming cat colonies to encourage spaying and neutering, and continual care of these felines. Please fill out the appropriate application and submit it in person with your driver’s license.

Pet Food Assistance

Barn Cats

Barn cats are the “Clint Eastwood’s” of cats… generally hearty, healthy, tough, and ready to earn their keep! Barn cats can help “naturally” and affordably control rodent problems. By placing these barn cats, they are given a job and second chance doing what they do best. Barn cats can save you money by eliminating and discouraging rodents from scavenging and nesting near your feed, crops, and home, without poisons or messy traps and glue pads. We ask that barn cats are still provided with food, water, shelter, and basic humane care, and we strongly encourage placing two or more cats at a time. You will not have to worry about any unwanted litters since all the barn cats coming from the shelter are sterilized before placement. They are also current on all vaccines. Please contact us for availability, or if you have barn cats you are hoping to relocate.


Also check out the acclimation video on how to safely introduce new/feral cats to your barn!

Barn Cats

Safe Pets

If you are a survivor of domestic violence and have pet(s) that you need help sheltering until you are able to make arrangements for them to be back in your life, please contact the Cocoon Shelter at 419-373-1730 for options.

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